General IP Protection

Introduction to China IP Law Search and legislation relevant to the general protection and enforcement of intellectual property in China.



The legal framework for copyright protection in China. The Civil, Criminal, Administrative Laws and Procedures and Customs Law also include provisions relevant for the prot....


Civil Law and Civil Procedure

General civil laws and procedures relevant to the protection and enforcement of IP rights in China.


Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

The provisions in the criminal and criminal procedure laws, which are supplemented by a number of judicial interpretations and ministry rules, relevant to the criminal prot....



Customs legislation related to the protection and enforcement of IP in China.


Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure

General administrative and administrative procedure laws relevant to the protection and enforcement of IP rights in China.


Geographical Indications

The legal framework for protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) in China.


Integrated Circuit Layout Designs

The legal framework for integrated circuit layout designs protection in China.



The legal framework for IP protection in the on-line environment in China.



Legislation relevant to patent protection in China, covering three types of patents: inventions, utility models, and designs. The Civil, Criminal and Administrative Laws as....


Plant Varieties

The legal framework for the protection of new plant varieties and agricultural genetically modified organisms in China.


Technology Transfer

The regulatory framework in China for cross-border technology transfer. A number of special regulations on registration and approval requirements, unfair competition and ma....



The legal framework for trademark protection in China.


Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition and Market Order

Legislation relevant to trade secrets, unfair competition and market order for the protection of IP in China.


Case Analysis

A selection of leading case law and analysis to demonstrate the legal framework and principles in effect in China on IP protection


Law Revision

Some key references on recent changes to the legal framework for intellectual property protection in China.


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