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IPR2 completes implementation and thanks you for your support Print

27 September 2011, Beijing 

The EU-China IPR2 team would like to express its appreciation for your contribution and support to the Project, as it completes implementation on 27 September 2011. The Project’s consolidated works remain available for public access in the form of the IPR2 Document Centre and the IP Law Search, search tools which include EU and Chinese IP-related legislation, presentations, training modules and references, comparative studies, case law compendia, Q&A manuals, guidelines and other publications by leading experts from China and Europe.

These are available in English and Chinese at: http://ipr2.ipr.gov.cn  (best access China) and http://www.ipr2.org (best access Europe and rest of the world) - until the end of this week, Europe based visitors please visit http://www.ipr2.org/document-test/index.html. The Document Centre will thereafter be fully functional at www,ipr2.org.

IPR2 Closing Event Europe: A retrospective of 4 years of EU-China co-operation on intellectual property protection Print

13 September 2011, Brussels

IPR2 presented a retrospective of 4 years of EU-China co-operation on IP protection to stakeholders in Europe, as the Project completes its four-year implementation in September 2011. This followed the presentation of results to stakeholders in China at the IPR2 Closing Event in Beijing on 15 July 2011. The Ministry of Commerce and the European Commission, together with the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) and leading IP and industry experts presented the key areas of intervention, offered an assessment of the results and impact and had a panel discussion on lessons learnt and areas for possible further co-operation. 

IPR2 Closing Event Europe: A milestone for EU-China co-operation on Intellectual Property protection Print

13 September 2011


IPR2 is preparing to conclude its four-year implementation in September 2011. Following a closing ceremony in Beijing at the EU Delegation to China, a closing event will be held in Brussels on 13 September to present a retrospective of 4 years of this close co-operation to institutional and industry stakeholders in Europe.

Trademark registration of Geographical Indications in China Print

July 2011

IPR2 has published a report on the praxis of Geographical Indication (GI) and trademark registration in China. Launched on the basis of concrete cases presented by right holders, this ‘fact-finding’ research on trademark registrations of European GI products in China was conducted with the aim of identifying the existence of registrations bearing similarity in name, product class, etc, and focusing in particular on trademark wine registrations. View Trademark Registration of Geographical Indications - 2.72 MB

A Comparative Study between the Civil Procedures of France, Germany and China Print

July 2011

IPR2 has published a comparative study of the Civil Procedure Law of three countries - France, Germany and China, which share the “continental” law system. By way of presenting the different systems and compares their respective methods of enforcement, the study covers the essential aspects of an ordinary civil case, from the role of the professionals involved, the organisation of the court system to the enforcement of the judgement rendered by a court. View A Comparative Study between the Civil Procedures of France, Germany and China - 236.98 KB 

IPR2 and the Ministry of Science and Technology sign agreement to support the development of a sustainable IP environment in China Print

28 June 2011

IPR2, in continued co-operation with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), signed an agreement at the conclusion of a 4-day training programme on intellectual property management for China Association of Productivity Promotion Centres (CAPPC) officials. This is part of the handover of expert materials and information tools developed by the IPR2 Project to the Chinese authorities, as it prepares to complete its 4-year implementation in September 2011.

Culture and Creative Industries: IP Licensing as a Strategic Business Tool for EU and China Print

June 2011


IPR2 has published a reference for best practices on the use of Intellectual Property as a strategic business development tool in the creative and cultural industries (CCIs). Most transactions between European and Chinese companies of the CCIs take the form of IP licensing agreements that govern the reproduction, distribution, adaptation, public performance as well as other forms to trade in cultural and creative goods and services. This publication provides CCIs with information to help manage and exploit their IP rights in Europe and China.

IPR2 and ip4inno, promoting innovation Print

June 2011

While Chinese companies are increasing registration and filing of IP rights, a large number of potential users are still not sufficiently aware of how to use and protect their intellectual capital, both at home and abroad. Companies who are aware of the use and importance of IP tend to respect IPRs and prevent infringement. Raising knowledge through training and improving access to online training tools, manuals and relevant IP information systems is essential in helping to significantly increase the capacity of industry to protect their IP using legal means.

Latest IPR2 eNews - May 2011 Print

May 2011

The IPR2 eNews provides an update for stakeholders on activities and results, publications and up-and-coming events. The issue for May 2011 is now available to download. In May IPR2 continued to implement its final work plan including workshops, training and meetings in support of the Trademark Law revision, Chinese and European cultural and creative industries, IP protection at trade fairs and EU-China customs co-operation. The Project also underwent an independent Final Evaluation which assessed the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the Project. Please follow the links in this update for more information about these activities. Your feedback is always welcome at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

IPR2 Project Steering Committee meeting 2011 Print

3 June 2011, Beijing

IPR2 held its fifth Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting together with the Chinese IP-related authorities and agencies partnering with the Project to discuss implementation of the closing phase of the Project by September 2011 and the findings of the Final Evaluation of the Project. The meeting was chaired by Ms Luo Yu, First Secretary, Dept. of Intl. Trade & Economic Affairs, MOFCOM, the implementing agency on the Chinese side; and Mr Ioannis Kavvadas of the EU Delegation to China & Mongolia led the EU side.

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Partnership in Action

“We strongly treasure our cooperative relationship which is the product of a joint effort between both sides. We believe that we should treat problems existing in the bilateral trade relationship calmly and objectively, including IP issues. We should consider and solve these problems from a macro, long-term and strategic view, enhance mutual understanding and cooperation and address the problems collaboratively. We should not be deterred by difficulties nor be overanxious for quick results, so that we can be sure to finish what we start.”

Vice Minister Yu Guangzhou, Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China, 26 November 2007, Beijing

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